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This is our list of services, However, there are many things we do for our clients to make them more successful. If you don't see what you are looking for, just get in touch and ask if we can help.

Graphic Design

Web Design

HTML/CSS Programming



Marketing Strategy


Social Media Planning



Trade Show Display

Packaging design

Creativity is a process. Ours goes like this...

It starts with Research

The design and advertising business has evolved. We understand that our clients are searching for some form of assurance that we recognize their business issues and can provide a return on their investment. We believe that implementing research methods into a project, will aid in the development of audience definition, supporting a concept, advocate for an aesthetic, and measure a campaigns effectiveness.

Then the Design...

This is where the magic happens, Once we have obtained the necessary information and have established our clients objectives. We then use our creativity in the form of, conceptual construction, artistic design, and knack for problem solving. These tools allow us to project a message to a specified audience, and thus creating a desired response from them, The objectives are then further clarified and detailed, until an overall look and feel have been determined.

And finally the Evaluation...

This consists of using methodological strategies to determine the success of the project, and also continuing to develop the project to meet changes in trends and audience opinion. We believe that evaluating the overall work, should not just be limited to whether it worked or not, but to help it adapt and evolve as and when it needed.

There you have it...the Passport creative process.

“ Passport Branding and Development, led by James Edwards and his staff were brilliant! They were able give EMI a new website design like no one else in our business. They took the time to know us, and knew what we needed, without hesitation their team conveyed a fresh, prompt and WOW factor that my customers noticed. ”

“ Collaboratively cultivate professional leadership skills after end-to-end strategic theme areas. Phosfluorescently benchmark principle-centered technology after focused content. ”

“ Passport helped bring my brand and my business full circle. He took my business concept and my art and brought them together in a way that customers know what they are getting when they walk into my business.. ”

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