A Beer and a Voyage

Local South Florida brewery wanted their brand to match the great taste of their beer

When we first sat down with the guys over at Biscayne Bay Brewing Co. they were in desperate need of rebranding. Their identity at the time was a little out dated and not defined enough for who they were. Their main concern was to build the image of the brewery to indicate the higher end taste of the beer.

One thing that was made clear to us very early on is that they wanted a fairly conservative look. This was as refreshing as the beer, due to the abundance of breweries out there that follow the same generic "hipster" branding. We saw the importance to tell a story, to have a history of why the name Biscayne Bay. We did the research and applied our creative fillers to one of the theories to why the bay is named Biscayne. So visit the website to find out the story, or better yet, swing by the brewery tap room and enjoy a beer while reading through the story on the wall. Please drink creatively!


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    Biscayne Bay Brewing Co.