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When the best bartender in the world opens his own bar, the branding had to be as good as the cocktails

Having worked with John Lermayer on several other projects, we were honored to be asked to take on the branding, website build, and general overall design for his new bar concept Sweet Liberty. This was a project that was nearly 3 years in the making and evolved many times throughout the branding process.

The original theme was a vintage style Americana bar, concentrating on the quality and pride in service, with a reasonable price and comfortable atmosphere. Finally, we ended up at a neighborhood cocktail bar that has a vintage and tropical theme, with such an amazing sense of detail. After finishing up the branding we moved onto the website, which has a fully accessible and editable menu and news and events pages. There are two menus, a daily cocktail and food menu, which can be edited and printed in house, and a second 50 page book style menu. With beautiful leather vinyl and gold foil cover, and vintage in lay, the book is separate into different era’s of American culture and the corresponding cocktails associated with them. One of the things we were asked to design and given creative freedom with, was a drinks key (seen below), that was used to describe the cocktails.


    Branding, Web Design, Menu Design, Advertising


    Sweet Liberty